Software License Management System
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about the Activation Solutions Software License Management Software Solution System

  • Is it possible for a customer of mine to activate my product on multiple computers using the same key (serial number)?

By default it is not. When your product is activated, the computer ID associated with specific key is stored in @ctivate database. So the same key cannot be used twice. Additionally, the @ctivate system will show you the key has already been activated.

  • Do our customers need an Internet connection to activate their product?

No, they do not. While an Internet connection is the default method for most activations, manual activations by either phone or e-mail are also possible with the @ctivate system.  For a more detailed explanation of the activation process, please visit the How Does It Work? page.

  • Do our customers need an Internet connection to run their activated product?

After their product is activated through the @ctivate system, your default process of operation for your product is in effect.  Generally, this means that once their product is activated, your customer may run it whether connected to the Internet or not.

  • What will happen if @ctivate server fails?

If you are using our hosted @ctivate system, rest assured we have redundancies built into the system. Should you be hosting the system on your own server, your customers will not be able to activate a product, since they will not be able to connect to your server, until your server is back online. We highly recommend having power backups, etc., attached to your system. This would be something your system administrator is already doing if you have a server on your premises.

  • Can @ctivate create demos (trial modes) of my product?

Yes, it can. You can enable demos of your product. The demo versions of your product will, by default, be a less than fully functional version of a fully licensed product.

  • Is it possible to create a keygen for my products protected by @ctivate?

No, it is not. Your product would not contain any key verification routines.

  • Can we host @ctivate on our own hardware?

Yes, you can! To run the @ctivate system on your own server, you will need a Windows, Linux or Mac server with PHP4 or higher (we recommend PHP5). The @ctivate database is compatible with Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase, INFORMIX, MiniSQL or ODBC.

  • What platforms are currently supported for the customer?

The @ctivate online activation interface works for Windows (XP/Vista/ Win7/Win8) and Mac (OS X 10.4 or higher).

  • How often will I be charged?

If you are on an @ctivate  Hosted account (we are hosting it for you), will  issue invoices at the end of each calendar month. Invoices are payable by check. Should you be hosting your own server, there is no monthly hosting charge.  For a full listing of setup and per product fees, please visit our Pricing page.

  • Will you charge me if one of my developers or testers activates my product?

No, you will have sufficient keys which can be used for your internal purposes.