Software License Management System
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How Does It Work?

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How does the software license management software solution and activation system process work?

The Activation Methods

Online Activations

With the Activation Solutions software license management software system, the online activation process handles registration data and serial number verification when the software is first run. The application sends a request to the activation server and receives instructions to either activate or prevent the software from being activated. When the user runs the software protected by Activation Solutions (@ctivate) for the first time, the user is prompted for registration data. Once the necessary registration data is provided (name, email address and serial number), @ctivate generates a request number uniquely identifying the user’s computer and sends it to @ctivate Server. In response to the key file, the Activation Server generates a license file, which is transmitted back. If the user’s registration info is correct, @ctivate will activate the application, otherwise, the application will run in trial or demo mode.

Manual Activations: Email or Telephone

Phone and email activation is an ideal solution for those users who do not have direct internet access or do not want your application to connect to activation server. @ctivate generates a unique request number for every user and we can manually enter the request number into the activation server to generate the license key for the user. The user has to dictate the request number and License Key to our software activation service and receives the response get the Activation Code. Once the Activation code is generated the user then enters it into the software to activate it.

The Activation Process

Community Flow

All software products indirectly “talk” to the license file and the activation server via the software license manager. The license manager encapsulates all logic for the license management. Additionally, the license manager can talk directly to the activation server which allows users to activate directly inside the license manager user interface and thus simplifies the activation process.

License file License Manager Software product = Activation server

For network licenses, the License manager runs as a server application from which the other license manager applications can obtain their license on program start.

License Manager (on a network client) Software product
License file License Manager (on network server) = Activation server

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A Visual Reference

The Activation Process


We have developed a server component that allows you to:

  • Present your customers a customized activation code request web page.
  • Have customers enter the product serial number and customer address data. The server component is compatible with any serial number format.
  • Automatically generate instant activation codes on your server online

Note: Screenshot showing customized user activation code request (screenshot used for illustration only – your customized activation web page can be made to look different)

The server registers the activations, stores customer data and contains an administration web interface to:

  • Manage your products and assign them serial numbers
  • Generate monthly activation reports for your products
  • Generate activation charts for your products
  • Export customer activation data (CSV)
  • See on a world map where your customers come from (countries, US states or Canada provinces)
  • Manage your licenses and activations
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